Understanding Pricing

The Stylist Salon offers pricing at different levels of experience. Our Salon professionals are committed to enhancing your personal style as well as providing a relaxing environment in which you will leave feeling rejuvenated. 

Our levels are:

  • Level 1    1-3 years’ Experience & Education
  • Level 2   3-6 years’ Experience & Education
  • Level 3   6-10 years’ Experience & Education
  • Level 4   10-15 years’ Experience & Education
  • Level 5   15-20 years’ Experience & Education
  • Level 6   20-30 years’ Experience & Education
  • Level 7   30+ years’ Experience & Education
Color/ no haircut$60+
Single application color
Blond lightening with toner$150+
Root application/ toner. Haircut not included. Price to be determined at time of service
Ombre/Balayage Technique/no haircut$140+
Color application technique*, which may take longer than regular color appointment. Haircut not included. Price to be determined at time of service. *Ombre is a gradual lightening from scalp to ends. *Balayage is an overall high lightening with a dark base.
Blond lightening/ scalp to ends$180+
Root to ends application which may take longer appointment time. Price to be determined at time of service
Full Weave Highlights/ no haircut$120+
Full head highlighting
Partial head highlighting/ no hair cut

*Prices subject to change depending on personal need of each guest and the Stylist your service is scheduled with. Please schedule a free consultation for a firm quote.

  • All online color bookings are by request only. You will be contacted for a short consultation to ensure your services is properly booked in an appropriate time slot.